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The story begins with the last play of the AFC Championship game when Dwight Freeney, the Pro Bowl pass rusher for the Indianapolis Colts, severely sprained his ankle. The date was Sunday, January 24, 2010. On Monday the 25th, the ankle had swollen to almost double its size; more than 22 inches in diameter. The opposite ankle measured 11 and 3⁄4 inches. An MRI was done on the ankle.

On Tuesday the 26th, the injury was diagnosed as a Grade 3 ankle sprain which verified torn ligaments. Dwight immediately began the ARP Rehabilitation/Strength treatment program and slept with the ARP. Dwight brought in his "team" to implement the ARP Rehabilitation/Strength system. The team was comprised of the Colt's training staff, Dr. Leon Mellman from Florida and Denis Thompson, the developer the ARP Rehabilitation System from Minnesota.

On Wednesday the 27th, Dr. Mellman worked on Dwight all day executing neurological adjustments in conjunction with ARP treatments. The ankle swelling was reduced to 18 inches. Dwight slept with the ARP machine.

On Thursday the 28th, Denis Thompson arrived and worked with Dwight administering ARP treatments until three a.m. Dwight's ankle swelling was reduced to 14 inches and he could balance on one foot for 15 seconds without pain above two on a scale of 1-10. Dwight slept with the ARP machine.

On Friday the 29th, Dwight traveled to Miami to work around the clock with Dr. Mellman and to continue the ARP Rehabilitation/Strength treatment program under Dr. Mellman's care. All major sports stations were reporting that it was very doubtful Dwight Freeney would play in the Super Bowl. Again, Dwight slept all night with the ARP machine.

Dwight and Dr. Mellman's team continuously worked on the ankle both Saturday the 30th and Sunday the 31st. Dwight was not able to walk without a limp and was not strong enough to support himself on one foot. In addition, he exhibited a significant compensation pattern. On Sunday the 31st, Dwight walked on the beach and felt the ankle begin to loosen. There was still major swelling and atrophy. He continued to sleep with the ARP machine.

On Monday, February 1st, Denis Thompson traveled to Miami to direct the ARP therapy for the week while working in partnership with the Colt's staff and Dr. Mellman. They began non-stop treatments of the ankle implementing, at times, the use of four ARP machines to eliminate the swelling, any compensation pattern(s), and to regain strength in the ankle. ESPN and the NFL channel began their "countdown" to the Super Bowl. All news channels reported that it was HIGHLY unlikely Dwight Freeney would play. ESPN even had their medical expert report that this injury was VERY serious; Dwight had a torn ligament; and it would take 8-10 weeks for Dwight to be able to play football. Dwight, again, slept with the ARP machine.

On Tuesday the 2nd, Dwight's "team" worked on his ankle for another, entire day and well into the early morning hours using three ARP machines. Dwight was then taken to the beach where he walked without demonstrating any compensation pattern(s) and he was able to hop on the beach without pain. Meanwhile, Dwight was still the top story on the news channels and most believed he WOULD NOT PLAY. Dwight was still sleeping with the ARP machine.

On Wednesday the 3rd, Dwight's ankle measured a NORMAL 11 and 3⁄4 inches and he was able to hold his bodyweight on the injured ankle for seven minutes. His "bad" ankle was NOW stronger than his good ankle. Once again, Dwight's rehabilitation team worked on his ankle all day and into the night. At this point, Dwight wanted to test his ankle using cleats. Dr. Mellman, a Colt's trainer and Denis Thompson went to the Miami Dolphin's training field to test the injured ankle. First, three ARP machines were "hooked up" on Dwight, where needed, allowing strength work, lymph drainage, nervous system adjustments by Dr. Mellman, and ARP Loosening to be administered. The Colt's trainer taped Dwight's ankle and he was then ready to test.

Dwight ran five 10 yard sprints at half-speed exhibiting NO compensation pattern(s). Then, he ran faster and he still exhibited NO compensation pattern(s) or pain. This testing was performed on artificial turf. We then wanted to test the "Freeney Spin" and his quickness. NOW, WE KNEW HE COULD PLAY AND, NOT ONLY THAT, HE COULD PLAY AT A HIGH LEVEL. More importantly, Dwight knew and believed he could play well. Less than seven days using THE ARP REHABILITATION/STRENGTH SYSTEM and Dwight was ready! ESPN, FOX, NBC, and the NFL channels were ALL reporting he was doubtful and/or if he did play, he would need an injection and only be available for third down situations. After Dwight's testing, we all knew differently. Dwight slept with the ARP machine.

On Thursday the 4th, Dwight engaged in strength protocols for the ankle using four ARP machines. This work continued the whole day and was combined with multiple neurological adjustments by Dr. Mellman. Dwight wanted to test his foot and ankle on a grass. Dwight's entire rehabilitation team headed to the Miami Dolphin's grass practice field. Dwight used up to three ARP machines and did over 20 minutes of strength work. He was then adjusted by Dr. Mellman and the trainer taped his ankle as he would for Sunday's game. This test was filmed by the Colts to prove to the team doctor and the head coach what our team already knew… Dwight Freeney was ready to play in the Super Bowl! The next test was to see how well Dwight could run. Dwight was "loosened" using an ARP machine to prepare to run. His foot felt great but because he had not eaten enough food, he experienced cramping in the ribs.

Dr. Mellman adjusted the upper torso and Denis Thompson ARP loosened the upper torso, as well, allowing the test to continue. Dwight ran fast WITHOUT PAIN OR COMPENSATION pattern(s). He did the "Bag Drill" and landed on the injured ankle with full force. Dwight chose "Bull Rushing" as his final test and selected Denis to complete the drill. They locked position and Dwight violently, with great force, drove Denis. Dwight felt no pain nor did he demonstrate any compensation pattern(s). Thus, the rehabilitation/strength program was a huge success. He was READY! Dwight continued to sleep with the ARP machine.

On Friday the 5th, we worked all day on strength rehabilitation. Dwight was able to hold himself up high on his toes and lower himself slowly for five minutes until his feet were two inches below neutral; loading his Achilles eccentrically. After fatigue was fully achieved, a load was applied at the bottom of the movement and Dwight was able to rise up onto the tips of his toes without pain. All media outlets were CONTINUING to report that it was very unlikely that Dwight would play. The NFL channel reported that if he played, Dwight would tackle without force and, ultimately, he would not be the effective player opponents feared. Dwight slept with the ARP machine and he felt GREAT.

On Saturday the 6th, the rehabilitation/strength team had limited time to work with him due to practice and other commitments but the team KNEW he was ready to play in the Super Bowl. The only concern now was the rib cramping which seemed to be 80% eliminated. Dr. Mellman adjusted Dwight and Denis Thompson used three ARP machines to accomplish MORE strength work in order to prevent atrophy. Dwight's rehabilitation/strength team moved to the player hotel for the final preparations for the Super Bowl. Dwight slept with the ARP machine and the media still doubted whether or not Dwight would play.

SUPER BOWL SUNDAY… the 7th, Dr. Mellman and Denis Thompson worked on Dwight early in the morning in preparation for the game. When finished, Dwight's team traveled with the Colt's team to the stadium. The Colts prepared a special treatment room for the ARP Rehabilitation/Strength team. Dwight was taped and went out onto the field for his final test. After the test, he returned to our special room and Dr. Mellman adjusted his nervous system and Denis Thompson ARP loosened all Dwight's muscles. Dwight felt GREAT and was ready to play.

The events you have just read are a testament to the work ethic of Dwight Freeney. There are NOT that many professional athletes that would undergo what Dr. Mellman and the ARP Rehabilitation/Strength program had Dwight do but the results speak for themselves. Dwight had a sack of the quarterback in the first quarter and his Bull Rush had NEVER looked faster or stronger. As an aside, Dwight did NOT NEED AN INJECTION!