ARPwave Customer Testimonials

Below are just a few testimonial on ARPwave.

Both men and womens teams (Varsity Tennis Teams at Drew University) this year had their best seasons in history making the 2nd round of NCAA tournament...
As their coach I can definitely say without a doubt that the ARP was integral to each team’s huge success. On both sides we had players suffer serious injuries and they
recovered in half of the typical amount of time. One player went from being on crutches with an ankle sprain to winning singles and doubles in a big conference match just 3 days later. Also from a personal perspective I can attest to the awesomeness of this machine. After a failed knee surgery in 2006 it was not possible for me to play tennis. Now after some serious ARPing I am back playing.
-Jeff Brandes, Head Tennis Coach Drew University

I am amazed the success my family has enjoyed at the Accelerated Recovery and Performance Clinic (ARP Clinic).
I have 17-year-old triplets, all are serious athletes and all have benefited greatly from the ARP. 1) Katie, a top 100 nationally ranked USTA tennis player, has received both specific injury treatment and 'loosening' treatments that have allowed her to compete at her most proficient levels. Specifically, ARP helped chronic wrist problems that otherwise would have sidelined her for significant periods of time. At other times, smaller nagging injuries have ceased to exist when ARP was employed at the outset. The 'loosening' treatments she gets from ARP help keep her at peak performing levels. 2) My son Conor, a co-captain of his Chatham High School soccer team, broke a bone in his foot during the season. Through Arp treatment, Conor was back playing in just 4 weeks, about half the time that doctors predicted he would be sidelined. 3) My daughter Ellie, also a co-captain of her Chatham High School soccer team, received treatments for a hamstring injury that quickened her return to action as well. Then there is my case, the case of a father who has had terrible back pain. I was amazed but skeptical when Debbie told me that the ARP would help my condition. I was more amazed when my back pain totally disappeared after a series of ARP treatments. Whether it is injury prevention or hastening injury recovery time, I have never seen anything like ARP treatment for getting the job done. It really really works.
- Steve Goepel

I am a 70 year old male. I have benefited from ARP on many occasions, too many to recall here.
But I will related the two major ones, namely when I had my hip resurfaced and when I was recovering from a ruptured Achilles tendon operation.

Prior to my hip operation ARP treatment reduced the pain in my hip extensively. After the operation I rented an ARP unit for a month and gave myself two treatments a day, and it greatly reduced the healing time and impressed my surgeon who wanted to learn more about "this ARP thing".

My Achilles tendon rupture was followed by an operation in which it was sewed back together. But the muscles in the lower leg had atrophied to the point that after a year I could not stand on the effected left toes and raise my heel. Several weeks of ARP treatments stimulated those atrophied muscles back to the point that I could not only stand on my left toes, I could jump from them slightly. I play tennis extensively. This improved my mobility on the tennis court significantly.

For those who have any sort of muscle sports injury, I highly recommend Debbie Gray and her ARP methodology.

- Gordon A. ("Don") Uehling, Jr.

I have had problems with my knees for over ten years.
The doctors were unsuccessful at full treatment for me. I tried ARP Wave therapy over the course of a few weeks and by the middle of the sessions I was back to my daily activities - pain free. At first I wasn't a believer, as I was unsure of how the ARP Wave was actually going to work, but now I truly believe in it and have recommended it to others. -Vanessa G.

High School Softball Player with Torn Ligaments in Her Wrist
The ARPWave therapy was amazing! My daughter could feel the progress with each treatment. The therapy along with the careful monitoring of her progress enabled her to return to her sports activities sooner than doctors expected. (In fact Jenn returned to her team in less than two weeks contributing on the field and at the plate). - Delores H.

Michael B. - H.S Athlete with broken ribs and a history of cramping:
What can I say but the ARP Machine is a miracle machine! Between the machine and Debbie Gray, my sons injuries have healed in record time. Dehydration and cramping problems came to a halt... Prior to the machine, he would be carried off the field..., worked on by the trainer on the sidelines, and if luck was on his side, he would return to the game... What really convinced me that this machine works miracles was when Michael broke 3 ribs during a football game. Within 3 weeks Michael was back on the football field! A small but powerful healing machine! Thank you! - (Michael's mother).

Sadia - Spent 10 years suffering from severe back pain:
My story began 10 years ago when I attended Court Stenography school. The machine I carried back and forth to school was so heavy that it caused an injury to my shoulder; an injury I was told would be permanent and that it could only be managed. I tried several techniques including straight chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy. I could only successfully relieve the pain two weeks at a time. A friend of mineinformed me of this new procedure called ARPwave. I went in for a consultation despite the skeptic I am and I decided to go through with the 10 sessions required to do ARPwave. I remained skeptical the whole time and in fact was hopeless in the middle of my sessions. Debbie informed me that I was an exceptional case because I didn't feel the immediate relief that most patients feel after 4 sessions. However, to my pleasant surprise upon completion of the 10 sessions I can honestly say that I am pain free and doing the necessary exercises required to maintain this unbelievable new life of being free. I want to thank Dr. Bryson and Debbie Gray for never giving up on my unique situation and giving me the reassurance that I would be healed. - Sadia A.

Nicolas J.

Nick is a 20 yr old college soccer and tennis player from Orange, CT who had a full ACL muscle tear in the Spring of 2007. Following is a testimonial from his mother.

"Thank you for all of the assistance for Nicholas' surgery recovery. We just saw the surgeon for Nick's (final) post-surgery check. He confirmed that Nick's (surgical) knee has achieved the same flexibility, mobility and strength as his (other) knee. He gave Nick full permission to resume all activities (without his brace.)

How do we thank you for the enormous advantage that ARP gave Nick during his recovery? At every step, ARP both accelerated and contributed to his full recovery.

Within the first two weeks of the surgery, ARP significantly reduced the muscle swelling - helping Nick feel better and be able to begin physical therapy more easly.

Within the first four weeks, ARP accelerated the rehab of the muscles around his knee. He actually began "SPRINTS" out on the lawn within the first month - something he could not have imagned.

Nick believes that the ARP accelerated his recovery by at least 50% if not more. He felt that the ARP doubled/tripled the return on his effort - as he worked through the rehab protocols. Contrasting the ARP workouts to his regular PT workouts - he recognizes how much harder and faster ARP pushed his recovery.

(He) consistently achieved recovery benchmarks faster than he or his (surgeon) expected. Thanks you again for all of your skill, help and support. You pushed him to push himself when he could and you provided the expertise and tools to help him be successful. You will be the first call if (really when), one of us in need of help recovering from a problem or surgery like this again."

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