ARPwave Frequently Asked Questions.

What should I expect when I come in for an ARP treatment?
Your ARP sessions can be hard work and will require you to move, so wear gym clothes. Because we use the ARP to find the origin of injury, we are going to be searching your body for “hot spots.” When the ARP is on one of these spots, it has found the electrical disruption that is the root of your problem. This process can in some cases be intense or painful, and we will ask you to rate the amount of pain that you feel so that we know where in the body the real problem is. Because the ARP sessions can be demanding, we will also ask that you take measures to make sure your body recovers properly. Typically, this means making sure you get a good night’s sleep, eating healthy meals with adequate protein, and avoiding/limiting alcohol consumption. Depending on your situation, we may ask you to increase your protein consumption during treatments.

Do you only work on athletes?
No. We work on everyone, regardless of age or occupation. We specialize in accelerating recovery from all muscle injuries, preventing surgery, and post-surgical rehabilitation. In some cases, we can also treat muscle related spinal cord injuries that no one else has been able to solve.

Why should I use The ARP Trainer instead of stretching?
When you perform ANY type of stretching, you are actually stretching tendons and ligaments; you are NOT stretching muscle. The only way to make any muscle move freely is to relax it. The ARP instantly relaxes muscles, creating maximum flexibility.

How does the ARP Trainer reduce injuries and keep athletes fresh?
All injuries are caused by the body’s inability to absorb force. When athletes become fatigued, their muscles shorten, limiting their ability to absorb force. The ARP Trainer keeps muscles relaxed and, therefore, able to absorb much more force. Using The ARP to “warm up” before practices and games will increase the ability to absorb force and therefore prevent injury, and using it after practices and games will instantly recover athletes, leaving them feeling fresh without soreness or pain.

What is the ARP License program?
The ARP License for athletes is a unique program designed to get you your own ARP, which will keep you fresh all season long, improve your strength, and accelerate your recovery from injury as needed.

Does The ARP Trainer accelerate recovery from all injuries?
Yes, provided the injured party does not have any biomechanical impingement, which would retard recovery. This is why we recommend a complete In-Balance assessment and treatment in our facilities prior to working with injured athletes

What is the Applied Kinesiology Assessment?
Applied Kinesiology Assessment consists of a series of tests that uncover the presence of any biomechanical impingement which would retard recovery. Such impingements prevent the signals of the nervous system from reaching the muscles.

Can the ARP regrow tissue?
Healing torn tissue is an exciting frontier for the ARPwave system. We have had some success in facilitating the healing of such injuries without surgery. In other cases, the ARP has been used both before and after surgery and has greatly accelerated the entire process. Our system trains the muscles surrounding the injury to move correctly and absorb force, which takes force out of the injured area. This prevents further aggravation and gives the body an opportunity to heal. The ARP protocols will also bring significant amounts of fresh blood to the area, which should provide the necessary building blocks for new tissue to form.

What types of everyday situations can I use the ARP for?
Waking up in the morning with stiff muscles can be eliminated by one minute on the ARP to relax those muscles. If you work on your feet the ARP will help you evacuate the extra blood pooled in your lower extremities. If you have a difficult time sleeping the ARP will relax you so you will sleep soundly. The ARP will eliminate most headaches in a few minutes. If you do Pilates, Yoga, or Tai Chi the ARP will allow you to get into positions you have never been able to get into. If you or anyone in the family is not flexible the ARP can have you loose and very flexible in minutes. The ARP will help you move freely and without pain, which greatly improves your quality of life.